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Clear coats are the solution to paint protection! Watch us apply a clear coat that protects against scratches, chips, and dings.

Clear Car Bra & Paint Protection Film Installer – North Texas – Lewisville TX


As today's paint technology has evolved, so has the need for a paint protection film to preserve your vehicle's paint. Due to environmental regulations, water-based paint is now a standard in the industry, and sadly, so is paint chipping. Although paint gloss and clarity is not affected by the paint's composition, the strength is. Paint chipping from normal driving is now common due to the paint's softness.

While Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as "clear car bra" or "clear auto bra", has been on the market for over 20 years, an increasing number of car owners are selecting PPFs to easily maintain a chip-free front-end. The clear urethane film protects the paint surface from most common scrapes and scratches, so that many of our customers have simply wiped off scratches with rubbing alcohol and a rag. The PPF is designed to be applied onto the paint's surface to provide maximum protection for as long as the film stays on the paint.


See How Paint Protection Film Preserves Your Finish

Our paint protection film has saved our customers hundreds of dollars with its easy maintenance. The before-and-after shots here show that often simply removing the clear car bra where the car was damaged reveals a flawless finish underneath–ready for a new PPF application. Other cases show that simply wiping down the scratch with rubbing alcohol and a rag will remove the scratch damage. No body shop. No wait time. We come to your home or office to install, saving you time and money.



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